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Resoco Software Updates

If you need an update to one of our products, you should find it here. Note that for some products the update systems are completely contained within the programmes themselves.


The current program version and the version of the currently selected database are shown on the splash screen at programme startup. By selecting Manage/Update in the DSA MAP menu system you can check whether updates are available for the programme. Program updates are available for automatic download from our web servers using the built-in Update system.

Note that programme settings allow you to set the programme to check for updates automatically every time the programme is started. To set this feature, go to the Options Form (Manage/Options) and in the Other frame tick the Check for updates on startup box.

Robot Stores V1.5

You can check your current program version and the version of the currently selected database by selecting Help/About in the Robot Stores menu system. Program updates are available from our web servers using our Revive Live Update system.

Robot Stores V1.5 uses the same Access data structures as earlier versions; selecting an existing database automatically updates the tables to the latest version. The current version of the database for Robot Stores is V131. To download a Zip file containing a blank Robot Stores database, click here, or for a Robot Stores database containing a small sample database, click here.


The current version of Bookworm is V1.2.4. To download a full installer for this product, please go to our Bookworm product page.

Why register? Because you are entitled to free upgrades for all upgrades to Version 1, and free bug fixes for the lifetime of the product.

To download a Zip file containing a blank Bookworm database, click here

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